About Blue Helix

Blue Helix is a three piece rock band from Puyallup, Washington. Authentic in lyrics, and unique in sound, this powerful rock trio is Sami Chohfi(guitar/Vocals), Wolf(Bass), Jebbadiah Schreib (Drums). They are know for there inspiring Live shows that always leave their audience captivated and fulfilled. The music is a blend of Hard Rock to Acoustic ballads influenced by the 90's Grunge era as well as the 60's movement. The band does a remarkable cover of Bob Dylans "Masters Of War", transforming it from a folk song to a modern battle cry. Blue Helix just released there newest recordings to date "Six8", "Abuse" and "Twenty-Seven" a song about all the most influencial and powerful artists of our time that seem to pass away at this coincidential age. "Twenty-Seven" is a Powerful Homage in the spirit of Rock and Roll.

Blue Helix newest songs "Abuse", "Six8", and "Twenty-Seven" were engineered and recorded by the band, mixed by David Caggiano of BetaMax Artist Development, and Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering.

Once Blue Helix completes their Break out Record they will go on a US tour to expand their music throughout the states. They actually have a good following in Brazil, due to the fact that the lead singer/guitarist Sami Chohfi spent half his childhood life in Sao Paulo.

Look for there soon to be hits "Bullets", "Stranger", "Escape", and "Aliens" in the coming completion of their record.

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Photo Gallery

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